Tools of the Trade – UltraEdit

There are some tools that we use in litigation support that are similar, yet different. An example of this is the text editors we use. In a previous article, I referenced the TextPad text editor. Another text editor we use is called UltraEdit. Personally, I like some features in UltraEdit and others in TextPad. For instance, I use TextPad to open all DAT files that contain document text. On the other hand, I have found that UltraEdit handles very large files more easily.

One of the favorite features of UltraEdit, amongst the litigation support industry, is its ability to use Regular Expressions. TextPad has this ability too, but UltraEdit is more popular.

UltraEdit comes with a complementary tool called UltraCompare Lite that enables users to compare files, directories, and zip files.

Depending on the litigation support department, they may only have access to one text editor. The choice can also be a personal preference. I have purchased single-user licenses to both because I like to use both for different tasks.


  1. One of the best feature  in Ultredit is ease and flexibility to work in column mode compared to TextPad. Whereas in Textpad you can bookmark records and quicly isolate or work on them.

    1. I agree, Rushi. I prefer Column Mode in UltraEdit to Block Mode in TextPad.

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