Welcome to the world of Litigation Support.  I created this educational site to provide coaching and insight into the day-to-day activities of a Litigation Support professional.  Litigation Support training is usually taught on the job.  There is no college curriculum geared toward a degree in Litigation Support.  

It can be difficult to get that first job in this field because a Litigation Support Manager must be willing to provide on-the-job training.  I myself fell into this career because the hiring law firm was looking for someone with a background in litigation, training, and databases and I fit that description.  That was early 1996 when Litigation Support positions didn't really exist yet.  There may have been professionals doing the work but the career path or role on the legal team certainly had not been defined yet.

To be honest, I really enjoy working in the world of Litigation Support.  The field is very dynamic.  No two litigation cases are the same.  As technology worldwide evolves, it can have a direct impact on Litigation Support professionals.  I have also enjoyed being a Litigation Support Manager and having the opportunity to mentor individuals — I have built several teams and I have trained team members that were previously law school students, IT professionals, trainers, practicing attorneys, paralegals, programmers, and so on.

Sharing knowledge is KEY in this industry.  There is always more than one way to accomplish a task in Litigation Support and there are no standard guidelines.  I hope that this site will bring together a community of individuals eager to have the opportunity to learn and comprehend the daily “behind the scenes” experiences of a Litigation Support professional and what this career path entails.


Amy L. Bowser-Rollins

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