Tools of the Trade – Directory Lister Pro

One of the tools that have been around for years in the litigation support field is Directory Lister Pro. This software is inexpensive and it provides a fast and easy way to generate a file listing of a CD, DVD, hard drive, or a single subdirectory on a server.

Although this type of file listing can also be generated via DOS commands, the user interface for this software makes it very simple and there is very little clean-up, if any at all, of the resulting report.

The file listing can be customized in many different ways by selecting from the various options available. The listing can then be exported to a CSV file which can then be pulled into Excel to add some additional formatting, such as a Header and Footer.

In addition to litigation support professionals using these file listings for documentation, sometimes the attorneys will ask for it to share with the client or co-counsel.


  1. Very nice… I like the DOS command code too… makes me feel old skool. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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