Fast Tip Friday – Excel Fill Handle Double Click

This fast tip demonstrates one particular way to use the fill handle in Excel.

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Source: David Carns


  1. Good tip, especially with respect to entering the cell range as E2:E24! Spending too much time scrolling around in Excel is a huge time suck.

    1. Thanks Sean. I can’t believe how long it took me to learn the double-click after loving Excel for years. My friend David Carns shared the tip when he learned it. Ha!

      I saw you branched out to video and you’re getting subscribers now. Congrats!

      1. Thanks, Amy. The free version of Active Presenter makes it easy to do the videos. I love it.

        1. When I saw your post about it, I took a look and made a mental note to check back later. I already have Camtasia and Screenflow that I use almost every day. But I was able to forward a link to one of my students that asked me a few months about a free tool to record videos for Youtube. She has a project she wants to record videos for.

          You are definitely a google search fanatic! I still remember before Google existed and how limited we were in finding answers to everything.

        2. I remember the pre-Google days. Alta Vista seemed great in 1997, but I think if everyone had to go back to the internet of that era they would really be surprised at how limited it was.
          Applications like Active Presenter and Screenflow ought to be part of the general business culture. There’s no better way to provide instructions to someone, and it’s almost as easy to do a presentation in these applications as it is to illustrate steps with screen grabs.

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