Fast Tip Friday – Split Zip Archive Using 7-Zip

This fast tip demonstrates how to create a split zip archive. This is useful if the one large zip file is too large to email or it won't fit on a single CD.

For more information, see my Tools of the Trade series 7-Zip article.


  1. Great tip Amy. The only tip that I could add in regards to splitting or spanning zip files is that you should also have a readme file as well as a corresponding note that explains in very simple terms that it is a spanned zip and how to reconstitute it – as well as providing a copy of 7Zip and/or a download link.

    Another truly awesome feature of 7Zip is that you can include it with the spanned files and you can run it without installing.

    Final tip would be that you should always do some kind of double blind test of the spanned zip – what I mean by double blind is that you should get someone else on a different computer to reconstitute/expand/decompress the contents from the zip to ensure that it all works.

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