Fast Tip Friday – Bookmark and Copy Lines Using Notepad++, UltraEdit and TextPad

This fast tip demonstrates how to perform a search in a load file, bookmark the resulting lines, and copy the bookmarked lines to a new text file.

Download Sample Files


  1. Hi Amy,

    This is great. I tried a few times to do the bookmarks in UltraEdit and Textpad but could not figure it out. I will be using this feature from now on. This is will definitely save me some time performing certain tasks.
    Thank you Amy!

  2. Ben from UltraEdit here — if you only need to quickly copy the lines containing the search string, you can select the “Copy to clipboard” option in the Find String List context menu, bypassing bookmarks completely. Thanks for featuring our editor!

    1. Hey Ben – Thanks for chiming in. I noticed that option, but we use bookmarks a lot in litigation support and it is an easier concept for newbies to learn than working with the “Find String List”. I love Ultra-Edit. It is my preferred text editor.

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