LitSuppGuru is 4 Years Old

I celebrated my birthday a few days ago. Four years ago, I launched on my birthday.

When I reflect back on the past four years, I am proud of the impact this site has had on so many individuals. I have met some wonderful people that I would not have met otherwise.

Readers - top 10 countries
Readers – top 10 countries

I have answered numerous emails from people asking for guidance and I frequently receive emails that simply say “thank you for what you're doing“.

I have had the privilege of facilitating a dozen or so people landing their first position in litigation support.

This site has had over 107,000 readers from 165 different countries. Think about that — the global reach that a simple website about litigation support can have across the world. It amazes me.

Earlier this year, I quit my day job so I could devote more time to mentoring and teaching. With more free time, I have been able to produce more educational content that generous individuals have shared and in turn my readership has increased.

Increased readership since quitting my day job early 2015
Increased readership since quitting my day job early 2015

I feel very lucky to be able to do what I love; teaching and helping others during their career path. I started teaching in the paralegal studies program at Georgetown University a few months after launching this site. I almost said no to the opportunity because I wanted to focus on LitSuppGuru. Now, I can't imagine not teaching paralegal students — every new semester brings new student sponges and a number of those students are still in my life today.

Years ago, I used to speak at conferences on a fairly regular basis. I have missed it. Last week, I presented to 50 paralegals at a CLE event for the Maryland Association of Paralegals (MAP). I shared 8 technology tips that could help them on-the-job and they were so grateful. It was a nice group of people and I enjoyed hearing their excitement as they learned new things. I hope to do more speaking engagements going forward.

I sincerely want to thank all of you for being a part of my LitSuppGuru journey and for spreading the word.


  1. Hi Amy. Finally taking a moment to reply. Just wanted to say a few things:

    1. Happy birthday!!

    2. Thank you for this Awesome website! I’ve been in Lit Support for several years and spent most of these years trying to figure out things in the industry with great help from paralegals. They had the legal background and my background is I.T. Your website encompasses both worlds very accurately and your knowledge and expertise is contagious!

    3. Thank you for having the “Courage” to step out and pursue your dreams. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience combined and it overflows graphically into this colorful, insightful “Tool for the Trade”. You are helping so many people, you may never realize the affect on your impact by bringing this “J.I.T. – Just in Time” training tool format, articles, and roundtable discussions and insights to many of us who are working in this field. You are a blessing — and I’ve shared this link with other professionals in the industry who are also grateful to have this as a Resource.
    Keep up the great work — and thank you for Making a Difference. Again, happy birthday to you & LitSupport Guru website. You are a Game changer!!!

  2. Congratulations on reaching this milestone Amy, and looking forward to the next 4 years and beyond.

    Fascinating the global reach of your site.

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