Women Entrepreneurs

Running a litigation support department can be similar to being an entrepreneur. Many of the managerial aspects are the same. There is definitely a marketing component for both. Providing excellent service to our clients is not any different than running a business and retaining clients. There are even some litigation support service providers that are owned by women.

As many of my colleagues and friends know, the Women in eDiscovery organization is very important to me. I believe in the business of mentoring others in general with a special place in my heart for women that need help overcoming a number of fears during their career path. Our 2011 National Meeting for Women in eDiscovery was a really cool event because women in the legal industry came together from all over to network and share their stories.

There is a conference called the Pennsylvania Conference for Women that I really wanted to attend in the fall of 2011, but I wasn't able to squeeze it in.  I hope to make it there this year to their ninth annual conference.

This weekend, I spent an amazing couple of days in the presence of strong, enthusiastic women. I attended a women's entrepreneur conference called the Get Radical Conference. Over the past 18 months, I have been following some of the women in our world that have dedicated their life to empowering other women. Some of those women were scheduled to speak at this conference and since it was local to my area, I was excited to be able to go.

All of the women in the audience are on a mission to change the lives of others. Sound like anyone you know? Several speakers commented that they were so touched by the enthusiasm of the audience. These women are passionate about their missions. Some are just at the beginning of their journey, while others are well on their way.

I really enjoy escaping from the reality of my life for a few days and spending quality time in the presence of the entrepreneur mindset. Working mothers, who are always taking care of everyone else in their family, took time away from their families and focused on their own happiness for a few days. Yes, there were tears when some of the stories were shared. When you leave a conference like this, you feel on top of the world and you feel so motivated.

Below are some of the speakers that shared their stories and gave riveting talks that empowered the women in the audience. It was an amazing weekend.

Doreen Rainey - click on photo to learn more


Jillian Michaels and Suze Orman


Brandi Mitchell - click on photo to learn more


Lisa Nichols - click on photo to learn more


Ali Brown - click on photo to learn more


Monique Greenwod - click on photo to learn more


Christine Jones - click on photo to learn more



  1. Thanks for sharing this, Amy — how awesome!  There is something really special about that kind of empowering forum!

    1. I agree. The atmosphere is difficult to describe to people who did not attend. You can’t understand until you experience it. Women are still talking about your keynote speech at Women in eDiscovery because YOU empowered them!

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