Fast Tip Friday – Formatting Tabs in MS Word

This fast tip demonstrates how to utilize tabs in MS Word, a feature that is often overlooked. If you are listing “Proficient in Microsoft Word” on your resume, then you better know how to use good formatting techniques in your resume or you will be busted!

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  1. Good one Amy. I guess I have a problem in that I am utterly incapable of leaving a document untouched if I see it has say more than 3 space characters or multiple tabs instead of setting tab stops (that’s what I call controlling tabs in the ruler).

    The other one that you neglected was the tab / text behaviour for when the text wraps to the next line.

    I guess these days I would probably go to a table without border lines rather than using tab layout.

  2. Nice presentation. Just looking at your quick access toolbar. Not much there. I add to mine save as, open recent, create email letter, create letterhead letter, and create adobe PDF. These small changes make a big diff in productivity. Regards.

    1. Hey Adam – Thanks for watching the video. Keep in mind that the environment I use for training videos is intentionally lean. I have a training background so I learned a long time ago to prepare a pristine vanilla environment for training purposes. But you are correct, making use of the quick access toolbar is a good idea.

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