Fast Tip Friday – Batch Rename Using a Text File

This fast tip will demonstrate how to use the Bulk Rename Utility software with a text file that will instruct the software how to rename the files.

To learn more about the concatenate function used in this tutorial, see my article entitled Concatenate – Fancy Word, Simple Meaning.

Download Sample Files


  1. Great Tip Amy,
    I do the same slightly different. Had a question though, usually when doing the batch renaming PDF files I have to deal with the issue of the “Old name” still being seen when you open the newly renamed PDF. Do you have advise on how to deal with this situation?

    1. Hey Alberto – I have not seen that issue myself. That would kind of defeat the purpose, especially if it is a production. I just tested the files I renamed using BRU and it displays the new filename upon opening the PDF file. I am curious what renaming method caused the issue you’ve seen.

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