Fast Tip Friday – Cut Out Sections of a Screenshot

We create a lot of screenshots in litigation support. We use a number of different software tools to create the screenshots. My favorite is Snagit.

This fast tip demonstrates one of my favorite Snagit features and I provide some examples of why I use it.

For reference, you can read my previous Snagit article.


  1. I love Snag-It and use it all the time, but I had never experimented with the cut out tool. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Snagit is definitely a great help. Good to get that out there! If for any reason you’re stuck in a case where you don’t have it (such as troubleshooting someone’s laptop), you can click the window you want and hit ALT+PrtScn (print screen). It’ll only capture the current window (great for catching an error popup) and won’t capture the entire screen. From there, you can go to Start -> Run, type in mspaint, enter and then hit Control+V to paste the snapshot. Not as fancy as Snagit but a handy backup plan.

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