Case Study – Renee Lloyd

Name:  Renee Lloyd

Location: Washington, DC

What kind of work were you doing before litigation support found you?

I was employed as a word processor with a law firm. I decided to pursue a degree with a focus on computer technology. During my training, I discovered I had a strong interest in databases.

How did you get the opportunity to join the litigation support community?

I responded to a firm vacancy for a database administrator and trainer for the litigation support department. An opportunity to work with databases strongly appealed to me. I met the educational requirements and the rest, as they say, is history.

When did you realize that this career would be a good fit for you?

Almost instantly. Authoring various types of documentation fortified my understanding of the use of the technology and proved to be an essential component in training and supporting users. I enjoyed manipulating data into loadable files and found the integration of databases and images fascinating.

Do you prefer to be out in front and working with the clients or behind the scenes working with the technologies?

I have had opportunities to work both sides within the same work day. A mixture of both would be my preference, but technology to a greater degree.

Is there an area of litigation support that had a steep learning curve for you?

Yes. In the beginning, while I quickly grasped the technologies, it took me a while to fully grasp the application of litigation support enough to persuade clients of its value. However, exposure and experience have aided my understanding.

What do you consider to be one of the coolest things about working in litigation support?

The application and evolution of the technology. It’s quite fascinating.

Which types of employers have you had while working in litigation support?

  • Law Firm
  • Service Provider

Litigation Support is a well-paying career. How much has your salary increased since joining the litigation support community?

$30,000 – $40,000

How many years have you been working in Litigation Support?


Care to share any words of encouragement or advice?

Litigation support can be an exciting, challenging and rewarding career. To be successful, learn all you can, find a good mentor and enjoy the ride!


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