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Michael Arkfeld is one of the very first litigators that I began to learn from when litigation technology was in its infancy. Michael was a frequent speaker at the conferences I attended. He always impressed me with his style and his knowledge. I purchased all of his books over the years and I recently purchased my third copy of his Electronic Discovery and Evidence treatise and Best Practices Guides.

In anticipation of this article, I reached out to Michael recently to ask if he has any words of wisdom to share with all of you. He shared this – “One of the greatest challenges facing the legal profession today is the competency of legal professionals regarding eDiscovery. In my anecdotal estimation, over 99% of professionals today cannot identify the myriad of eDiscovery legal and technological issues in a case. My belief is that if you can identify the issue, the answer can always be found. I strongly encourage legal professionals to invest time and effort understanding this area since it is a strong job growth area and will assist in reducing the competency issues I mentioned.

Michael is an educator at heart.

He has a blog at

He has a training program called the Arkfeld eDiscovery and Digital Evidence Program (AEDEP).

You can subscribe to his Electronic Discovery and Evidence Alerts.

He has informative website called eLaw Exchange.

He has a conference called eDiscovery and Digital Evidence Conference and Symposium.

When I launched this website, I received a personal e-mail from Michael that said “Your whole site looks wonderful!! Very well done!” I was so touched by that e-mail because I consider him to be one of my mentors. I would encourage each of you to take advantage of his teachings and books.

If you have also learned from Michael Arkfeld, please share with us in the comments section below.

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