What is Litigation Support? Trainer

A career in litigation support encompasses multiple careers. This series of articles will describe how each plays a part in litigation support.

Overall, litigation support can be described as:
We assist litigators.
We speak and translate geek.
We work with litigation discovery, primarily in electronic format.

One of the careers within litigation support is a Trainer. We can be considered trainers in a few different ways.

1) Software training in a classroom environment – This is where we occasionally hold training classes on various software used in litigation matters and we invite attorneys and paralegals to attend.

2) Case related software training – In this scenario, there is a specific litigation matter that requires the use of a database. This training can be 1:1 training with an attorney or a paralegal in their office, or it could be with the entire legal team (attorneys and paralegals) in a conference room with a projector, or it could be with a group of attorneys assigned to review documents and the training will most likely take place in a conference room with a projector. I have found 1:1 training with attorneys to be the best.

3) Training a new associate or paralegal – Another situation where training is required is when a new associate or paralegal is hired and they have never worked on an eDiscovery matter before. They don't know any of the lingo we use or the procedures we follow. As a litigation support professional, we sometimes need to help educate them about the process as the case progresses.

4) Training a team member – When a new team member in litigation support is hired, it is a good idea for them to shadow one or more team members. This is another opportunity for your trainer skills to come into play.

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