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Video – Stuff Lit Support People Say

Since I launched this site, I have had a number of colleagues approach me and ask “how can I help?” I have been so touched by these people reaching out to me. Along those lines, I received an e-mail last week from my long-time friend, Shimmy Messing. If you don't know Shimmy, he has been in the litigation support industry a very long time, he knows his stuff and he is great to work with. Shimmy was one of the few people I told about this site before it launched.

So Shimmy sent me an e-mail that said “We should work up a Sh*t Lit Support People Say video.  Whaddya think?” As you can imagine, I was intrigued. He explained that a similar video had gone viral on YouTube in the last few weeks and people were creating parodies left and right. He suggested we do it asap and “that it would be good for the guru.” Isn't he cool?

So one week later, here is our video. I was nervous and Shimmy seemed like a natural. At times, I couldn't stop laughing long enough to say my lines. If you are in the litigation support industry, you will totally get it!


  1. Love it, Amy!  The only part that looked a little “forced” was your feeling like you didn’t get anything done that day!  You know better….

  2. This is awesome! I think you have “arrived” in litigation support when you can actually follow, appreciate and laugh at all these inside jokes.  🙂

  3. Nice to know we are not alone – VERY FUNNY!  Just one question, what’s “lunch?”

    1. Please see my other article entitled “Lunch What’s That?” LOL Glad you had a laugh with us.

  4. Loved it and all so true. I have to say though my favorite part was Shimmy’s wardrobe changes.
    I felt like I was watching a Beyonce concert. 🙂
    Great job guys.

  5. This video is hilarious!  I loved it!  I was lol every time you said “Socha” and “I hate Excel files”  Thank you!!

  6. be sure to watch past the credits to see the “out takes” — thanks, this was a bright spot in my day!

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