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One of the ways that litigation support professionals transfer data from one entity to another is the use of FTP (File Transfer Protocol). I know there is debate in our industry about whether or not FTP is the best choice, but in reality, it is being used on a daily basis. The forum for this site is to share knowledge and tools, so in that context, this article discusses the use of FTP software in a litigation support role.

One of the free tools that many techies use is called FileZilla. It is easy to use. FTP is simply a drag and drop of data. It has the ability to store multiple “site info” to be reused as needed. It provides a visual progress bar so that we can monitor the process.

In order to connect to an FTP server, you will be provided with a “Host Name”, a Login Name, and a Password and that information will be added to a Site record in the software. Occasionally, there are some tweaks that might need to be made with the settings, but usually, the default settings will work just fine.


  1. A feature that I like about FileZilla is that you can export the site info (Sitemanager info) which includes the FTP Site addresses, users, and passwords. After you export, you can install FileZilla on another PC, import the list, and not have to re-enter all of the information.

    1. Excellent share, Josh. I too have been appreciative of this feature as we typically have more than one computer in litigation support. It also comes in handy when we need to replace a computer. Thanks for sharing.

  2. In addition to FileZilla, I have also used CoffeCup Free FTP. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but is very easy to use and have had less issues with connecting with it than some other options.

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