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One of the resources that many of us in the litigation support industry follow is Ralph Losey. He is very knowledgeable about our world of litigation support and how we fit into the process of a litigation matter with electronic discovery.

Ralph provides education about electronic discovery to attorneys and law students. He is an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Florida and he has authored several books on e-discovery in addition to being a practicing lawyer. In early 2011, Ralph launched an online Electronic Discovery Law training program called E-Discovery Team Training.

Ralph's blog called E-Discovery Team Blog is very entertaining and educational. Personally, I like Ralph's style. I like how he interjects his sense of humor into his writing and I like that he speaks from his heart. In reading some of his articles, it is easy to recognize that Ralph is passionate about teaching others. He honestly wants to be a part of improving the process.

In preparation for this article, I asked Ralph for some words of wisdom. He said “My whole approach is based on using a multi-disciplinary team, where lawyers and tech work together. That is why I call my blog and training program – e-discoveryteam. I have also devoted my first website to this approach at Electronic discovery is too big a challenge for either side to go it alone. Too bad most techs have to work without good legal guidance, but I'm working on changing that, and in the meantime you can learn a lot by my online training program.”

I would encourage you to subscribe to Ralph's blog. I have included one of Ralph's many videos below entitled What is E-Discovery?


  1. Ralph’s blog is great.  He has such a wealth of experience and a great way to translate that experience into words to reach the audience.  

  2. e-Discovery Team is truly one of my favorite educational resources and has been on my RSS feed longer than nearly anything else.  I find this is particularly a good resource for people who are going to be working with legal teams directly because it is an excellent blend of the caselaw and technology.  It can be just as easy for us to put blinders on to the legal process as for the attorneys to with the technology.

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