Litigation Support Thanksgiving

Litigation Support ThanksgivingWhen it comes to the Thanksgiving holiday, Litigation Support professionals always have some things to be thankful for. Below are some examples that come to mind.

We are thankful when a process that we kicked off to run for hours finished successfully.

We are thankful when we do NOT hear from the legal team over the weekend.

We are thankful that we remembered to make a backup copy of that database before we added new data and made a mistake in the process.

We are thankful when we begin to quality check (QC) a production set and there are very few redactions that need to be QC'd.

We are thankful when the disks the attorney just handed to us are CDs instead of DVDs.

We are thankful when we have a few service providers that we can call on at the last minute for those times when the legal team surprises us at the last minute.

We are thankful to work with attorneys that “get it”.

We are thankful for the CPLs and scripts that we have acquired over the years that help us work more efficiently.

We are thankful when we have a good manager and a good team to work with.

We are thankful when we have more than one computer and at least one large monitor.

We are thankful to have a job in the litigation support industry.

Do you have any personal favorites to share?


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