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Hear My Story on the eDiscovery Channel

I was honored to chat with Tom O'Connor and Rachi Messing recently. They have an interview series on the eDiscovery Channel where their guests share how they got started in this industry.

There are over 30 case studies on this site about people's journeys in our industry, but this is the first time I have had the opportunity to share the story of my career path. There were definitely moments where I dated myself. Ha! But we also chuckled about the fact that some things haven't changed much at all in the last few decades.

I've watched a number of the other interviews with Tom and Rachi and it's interesting to hear all the different paths people have taken to eventually land in this world of eDiscovery.

I hope you enjoy hearing about my story and my passion for empowering others. Be sure to leave me a comment here or on YouTube.

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