Litigation Support Tools of the TradeThis digital guide entitled Litigation Support – Tools of the Trade is a 63-page compilation of over 50 tools that we use to assist litigators with electronic discovery matters. The tools span all roles within litigation support. For each tool, you will learn:

1. A brief description of how or when we use the tool.

2. The relevant lit support tool category, so you know which choices you have for that need.

3. The relevant career within litigation support.

4. The relevant EDRM stage.

5. Helpful resource links to free/trial versions, tutorials, documentation and FAQs.

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Who is this guide for?

Litigation Support Tools of the TradeIf you are a seasoned litigation support professional, you are only aware of the tools that someone has mentioned to you so far or that you have found on your own, out of necessity. We may learn about new tools when we change jobs or arrive in a new work environment. It is not possible to know about all of the helpful tools out there, until now. This guide can help you learn about tools that your litigation support colleagues are using.

If you have recently added a newbie to your litigation support team, this guide will provide an excellent resource to get them up-to-speed on the tools we use. You could even flag which tools your team uses and maybe ask them to start installing them on their computer.

If you are someone who has been asked to create a litigation support department at your firm, this guide will give you a really good overview of your choices when deciding which tools to purchase for your new department.

If you are trying to get into litigation support and you've been wondering where you can focus your learning efforts, this guide will show you which tools we use and why we use them. Some of them are free to use and you could familiarize yourself with them.

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There are additional tools we plan to add to future editions of this guide (in fact, I have 30 more on my list right now!).

If there is a tool missing from this guide that you have used within the litigation support industry, please help the community by submitting the tool using this Google form.