Fast Tip Friday – Using Excel to Compare Two Lists

All roles within a legal team have had the need to compare two lists of bates numbers. This fast tip will share one easy way to do that using Excel.

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  1. Interesting Amy. One of my team uses conditional formatting all the time whereas I prefer to use a VLOOKUP – I guess looking at your example, the conditional formatting is going to be easier and less intrusive, as with VLOOKUP, I would apply this to each corresponding cell in the next available column (C) and would be doing something like =VLOOKUP(A2,SECONDLIST,1,FALSE) which would return the corrpesponding value if there is one, or have an error message (of sorts) if there isn’t. This is a bit cumbersome and I suspect there is a lot of eye rolling when I try and force people to do it.

  2. This is great for paralegals who are not in lit support. Something we can do by ourselves without having to wait for someone to do it for us.
    Thank you.

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