Fast Tip Friday – Delete First Page of Every PDF File in a Folder

In litigation matters, we deal with a lot of scenarios related to preparing documents for different stages of the discovery process. Many of these documents are in PDF format. There are scenarios where the lead attorney has a justified reason and may instruct a paralegal or litigation support to remove one or more pages from the PDF files.

To avoid having to do that step manually, this fast tip demonstrates how to create an action sequence in Adobe Acrobat Pro that will move through a folder of PDF files and automatically delete the first page of each file and then re-save each file.

Download Sample Files


  1. Why would you want to do that. Isn’t the first page almost always essential to the document?

    1. Hey Bert – There are many variables or scenarios to consider. If the PDF files are client documents, then yes, most likely we would not want to change them. I have edited the description above to better clarify instances where this type of request can definitely happen.

  2. I think I have a good example of this Acrobat Action would come in very handy. If you get a long list of cases with the Lexis Get & Print tool and then download them as a single PDF, Lexis will put a cover page in front of each one. You can easily split these up in Nuance Power PDF with the split tool that lets you divide a PDF based on where a string appears. In this example, “Citation #’ only appears on the cover sheets. You end up with a PDF for each case that has a cover page as the first page. You rarely need the cover page, especially if you’re blowing back the PDFs. I could be wrong but it didn’t appear to me that Lexis gives you a way to dispense with the cover sheet option when downloading.

    1. This is funny timing, Sean. Someone else gave me this exact same example in person last week and I was planning to update the article. Now I don’t have to. Ha! Thanks for chiming in.

  3. This comment was added to my Facebook page. It is another example of how this Fast Tip can be utilized.

    From Glorianne Galvan: Thanks for this tip! The hard copies I work with generally have a tab number or post it note flag. I generally have my vendor scan the tabs/post-it notes before the actual document and once I verify the PDFs, I use this feature to delete the first page. It works like a charm. Thanks for saving me tons of work!

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