Fast Tip Friday – Create Full-Text Index Across Multiple PDFs

This fast tip will demonstrate how to create a full-text index across folders and subfolders of PDF files. This enables the user to run searches across all of the PDF files at once, including bookmarks and comments if desired.

In last week's Fast Tip Friday, I demonstrated how to use an index to increase search speed within a large PDF.


  1. Thanks, Amy! This is a fabulous tip! I am going to use it this very afternoon!
    Cant wait to see what is on deck for next Friday!

  2. Thanks, Amy. Yes, Acrobat search indices are great. I haven’t tested, but I’d imagine that the search and redact function would be a lot quicker if you had a search index? Do you know if the search index has a max result limit of 500 docs like search and redact?

    We also embed the index, so that you don’t have to manually locate it – ie if you have an index of a set of docs then you can embed the search index into the index.

    1. Hey Matthew – I do not know the answer. I would google it. Ha! See last week’s FTF for embedding an index. There is also a link in this article for easy reference. It seems you are very proficient with Acrobat over there in Australia. You could probably teach me some stuff! Nice to hear from you.

      1. Yes I know, I was just mentioning the embedding thing. As an industry we settled upon PDF as a standard back in about 2007 I think and so yes, we probably know our way around PDFs reasonably well.

        Some other great things about a search catalogue is that you can double click it and it will launch, and also it is very portable and so you can with a bit of tweaking provide to a client or someone offline a quasi fulltext search capability that is independent of a review system. It also works with Reader or Acrobat and so you largely don’t need to worry about what version etc that the recipient has.

        1. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, Matthew. Much appreciated. Sheila Grela on LinkedIn commented that a vendor told her that this option is like a poor man’s database. I like that idea.

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