Fast Tip Friday – Bulk Edit Acrobat Redactions

Once redactions have been added to a PDF file, if someone has a different preference for how the redactions should be formatted, this fast tip demonstrates how to bulk edit the redaction properties.

Download Sample Files


  1. Amy, can this be used with Adobe Acrobat Standard as well or only Professional? I am at a new job which only has Adobe Reader and I want to order Adobe Acrobat so that I can use proofreading tools (Reader only has sticky notes and balloons) and be able to redact. I’m wondering which version I should order. Thanks.

    1. Hey Claudia – You will definitely need a “professional” version of Adobe Acrobat to perform redactions. They really changed things around with the DC version. Let me know if you have trouble locating the redaction capabilities in the DC version.

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